Hypoallergenic dog food

hypoallergenic dog food

Hypoallergenic Dog Food Brands


First lets understand what is hypoallergenic dog food.

In many cases our dogs is similar to us. Like human beings dogs also can be  allergic to certain kinds of food or certain ingredients present in regular dog food brands. Thus there are special hypoallergenic dog food brands  which help your dog deal with those allergies. On regular use of these special brands the allergy finally goes away. The most general symptoms of the fact that your pet is also suffering from food allergies are irritation of skin and gastrointestinal issues. The most common items from which the dogs may have allergies from are yeast, wheat, soy, eggs, dairy or milk products, corn, chicken and beef. Another symptom is that Food allergies can also the period of the heat from 9 to 10 or 11 weeks. 

When there is a plenty of demand, the supply automatically occurs. So to answer to the need of various dogs with food allergies a number of dog food manufacturing companies have come up with special and unique formulas that will ensure that the allergies like skin irritation and gastrointestinal problems do not aggravate or become worse. They are easily available at the vet clinics, retail outlets and pet stores.

When you first realize that your dog suffers from food allergies the immediate action to take would be to change the current food brand and consult your vet for the brand that would be suitable to the needs of your dog. You can also employ the trial and error method by switching to different brands and finally using the one which is the best suited. This method is also extremely effective in finding out that which particular food item is the one that triggers the allergy in your dog. Normally one should begin by eliminating beef and corn from the diet. If the symptoms exhibit no improvement then try Hypoallergenic Dog Food Brands that claim to eliminate the common allergens listed above. When the allergies begin to subside you will realize what was troubling you pet. Another precaution to maintain is not to let your dog eat scraps from the table or any other food that you and your family consume.

The popular Hypoallergenic Dog Food Brands that cater to the allergies of the dog have been listed.

Flint River Ranch Sweet Potato and Trout formula and its Lamb, Rice and Millet formula are one of the top notch hypoallergenic food brands. They do not have chemical preservatives, corn or wheat, all of which fall under the category of common allergens. However this brand may only be purchased online.

Acana hypoallergenic dog food is produced by Champion Pet Foods. This is a Canadian brand expert in all kinds and varieties of hypoallergenic food for all types and breeds of dogs. This brand is absolutely organic and does not use any kind of artificial color, flavor or preservatives. They also lack common allergen gluten and wheat. However they are only available in stores that specialize in pets.

Avoderm hypoallergenic dog food is produced by Breeder’s Choice Pet Food. It is supposed to be very good for stomach as well as skin allergies. Its chief ingredient is avocado which one of the most nutritious fruits provided by nature. It consists of minerals, vitamins, essential oils and trace elements, all of which keep your dog’s allergies at bay. The best part about the brand is that it is available both online and in retail outlets.

Orijen hypoallergenic food is also manufactured by Champion Pet Food. It has been acclaimed to be extremely beneficial for healthy hair and skin by the users. They are available in pet stores as well as online.

Nature’s Variety offers three different kinds of dog food among which Instinct Grain Free hypoallergenic formula is meant for dogs who are allergic to grains. In case the dog is allergic towards a certain kind of meat or poultry, Instinct provides other formulas with different flavors and brands. It can be bought both in the form of canned or dry food.

Pinnacle hypoallergenic food is another product of the Breeder’s Choice Pet Food. It claims to be 100% free from allergens. In addition it consists of minerals, vitamins and probiotics that help to prevent the food allergies in dogs. There is an array of dry dog food to choose from. They are available online, in pet stores and sometimes even in grocery stores and markets. It is one of the highly recommended brands by the users. In case of any issues just change the flavor and the problems will be solved.

There are plenty of other Hypoallergenic Dog Food Brands like Canidae, Go! Natural, Evanger’s Specialty, Health Pro, Nutro Ultra Holistic and several others which are available both online and in various stores.

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